Coming out of Nevada into Utah, it seemed as if the moment I crossed the border all of the pretty rolling scrubland magically disappeared and was replaced with miles and miles of flat ugly mud. And I do mean flat, because that area is the Bonnevile Salt flats, the flattest place on earth (I think) and where they test rocket cars and break those land speed records.

Instead of winding around even a little, the road went straight for miles. I even recall that when the road finally turned about a degree or two to the left after what seemed like an hour or so thinking to myself… “Finally, some variety!” But then it went straight again for many more miles.

When I looked in the distance at the parts where there were some hilly mountains, they were little more than 4 shades of ugly. I mean that literally too, there was ugly brown, ugly grey, ugly greyish brown and ugly black.

At that point my impression of Utah was not too high. To be honest, I even felt a feeling of hostility towards it. Which is interesting to me for two reasons. First, that something as mundane as a landscape could be something that one could feel hostile towards. Secondly, that I was mindful enough to recognize that feeling and didn’t just have the sugar coated sense of “I don’t like it” to go on.

But then I got near Salt Lake and saw some amazing snow dusted mountains reflected off the water. So amazing in fact that I parked more precariously on the shoulder than I would have liked and got a few snaps that I hope to post when I have a few moments to download them from the camera and something resembling internet to upload them with.

Once I got through Salt Lake City, I got another eyefull as I went through a mountain pass. Lucky for me it was actually the wrong pass, which meant that in re-routing myself I ended up going through this really cool looking canyon town. Unfortunately it was too dark for photography (at least with my equipment) at that point.

Needless to say, your impressions are what you make of them. Things change, especially your own views.

I’ll admit that I was wrong to dis Utah so prematurely, especially with so little information on hand. That being said, I still wouldn’t move here.


~ by ghendar on December 11, 2009.