Many Miles, Many Things To Write

Since I’m squeezed for time I’ve been doing a lot of driving. (And contrary to the Nebraska State Highway Patrol, under the speed limit… but more on that at some other time, but don’t fret I only got a warning, complete BS, but at least I won’t need to fight it) Obviously I can’t write while I drive either. So instead I’m taking note of many things and will get to them as I am able to, bit please forgive me if some things I post are behind by a day or three.

When you do a drive like I just did, which was from close to where CO and NE meet through all of NE, then all of IA, then through a good diagonal slice of IL there’s little you can do beyond just passing out. Which is what I’m about to do.

Oh and forgive the indulgence for using a bed; much to my amazement I made it to the Better 3/4th’s parents.



~ by ghendar on December 13, 2009.

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  1. so glad you did, luv.

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