New Windshield

I had the windshield replaced today. I really didn’t realize how distracting that crack was until it was finally gone.

Now I have to decide if I’m going to waste the time and money to get it inspected knowing that I’ll be leaving in just a week and then registering it in CA by the end of January anyway.

When I got dinged over an expired inspection sticker by a statie with my old car a couple of days before I traded it in and not long before moving across the country my insurance company took me for a very expensive ride.

Turns out they prefer to not give out steep discounts to perfect drivers and will gladly slap you with extra charges for any minor technicality. With my long history with then you would figure they’d have been more forgiving. But as it stands, I’m probably not even going to bother pricing with them in CA. After all, it’s only fair that they get the same loyalty that they showed me.

Unless I get pulled over by a real hardcore jerk looking to make quota, I have enough paperwork on hand to make a reasonable case for them to be lenient.

I’m due for am oil change anyways, so if I can roll the two together maybe I’ll do it, but if I have to schedule an appointment and return later I’ll likely just do without. I don’t have many more drives during daylight anyway. 😉


~ by ghendar on December 21, 2009.