So Much Change

Talk about impermanence, it’s hard to believe that this is the same place that I left just a year ago. Whole buildings are gone or replaced with others, there has been a complete shake up of the radio spectrum, they’ve increased the taxes on things so insanely to the point of it just being silly. Also, with the obvious exception of friends and family and the people that I know casually, there are quite a few people walking around like they have a stick up their arse (that is to say, they seem to be quite irratated by something that is not visible).

Perhaps it’s the cold, or the pressure of the looming holiday but I can’t think of a time in No. Cal when I’ve given a smile and a nod to someone and had it returned with indifference bordering on a scowl no matter how badly that persons day has been.

Then again, perhaps I failed to heed that “Wear Sunscreen” speech turned song and have been in No. Cal long enough to have become too soft.


~ by ghendar on December 21, 2009.