Choice of Routes

I’m looking at the map trying to come up with a plan for my return trip.

I had thought of doing a northern path to make it so I’ll have driven North, South and through the middle of the country, but that was when I was planning on doing the trip in the summer. Unless the weather turns into an Indian Summer soon, that probably won’t be happening.

At the moment it’s looking like I’ll be doing another pass through Colorado or I might a bend south through New Mexico like I did on my first trip through. It’s a long way to drive just for some green chille, but I doubt anyone who has had it would fault me.

The added bonus of going through NM is that I avoid the extreme elevations that made me so tired when I was going through Denver. Though, now that I have an awareness of that little side effect it will help me to plan better for it.

Maybe I’ll make the better 3/4ths jealous and party in Taos on New Years.



~ by ghendar on December 26, 2009.