Go Back Two Spaces, Draw A Card

It was all going like clockwork until I made one last dash through PA and ran into high, almost head on, wind gusts of up to 40 or 50 mph and hypnotizing lake effect snow squals. My progress thus hindered, I’ve stopped and just finished up using the time to organize my quarters better instead.

I have a nice sheltered spot from the wind and am just about to sack out.

A good rest will give me what I need to make up the slight shortfall when it’s light out and they’ve attended to the roads a bit.

As it stands, the first day of my return west was at a 6 day pace. Not terrible, but I’d like to be a little more ahead since if I continue through Denver the steep grades and altitude are going to slow me down and put me behind and if I switch to the southerly route, the extra miles will too.

Hopefully the weather improves by tomorrow, but the forecast appears to be more of the same. At least it will be light out.


~ by ghendar on December 28, 2009.