Which Way Is Left?

With half of the road behind me, the remaining ~3200 miles of my journey are starting to look like a very short drive through a couple of fields and the occasional majestic wood. (Okay, I’ll admit that they’re some pretty big fields and the woods are covering a few pretty big mountains.)

Contrary to what others may think, I’m not expecting to drive up some mountain and achieve some kind of spiritual transformation once I get to its peak and see the pretty view. Although if I do encounter anything near that, expect lots of pictures.

Actually this trip has never been about seeking anything beyond what I brought along with me. Mindfulness after all, is there wherever you go.

In fact, true progress would be letting go of anything found anyway, but that’s a subject for another post.

That’s not to say that there aren’t any rewards to take away. I’ve already collected many already and not only am I not the same person who left Boston a year ago, but by the time I’m back in wine country, I feel like I’ll be far different from the one who left there back on Dec 10th.

Granted, I’ll still be me, quirks and all, but I really do feel like I’m building a fresh perspective of things. I know that may sound odd to some, but unless you’ve driven for about 6400 miles without self distractions like the radio I wouldn’t expect you to really grok it.

Driving for hours on an endless flat road in silence is meditative. After a day or so the monkey mind settles and you can actually tune in and sense your pure being traversing through space time.

Unlike sitting on a cushion at home, you can’t escape it by getting up and walking away. You can pause momentarily, but the miles are still there in front of you and they have to be driven eventually.

It’s almost like commiting oneself to staying in a locked room in silence for a week; only coming out for bio breaks and to raid the fridge. Except you also get to see the beautiful countryside that you can bring back photographs of and you can chat up interesting (and occasionally, as it sometimes turns out, not so interesting) strangers too.


~ by ghendar on December 28, 2009.