Heading Into The Slop Tomorrow

It looks like I may be driving in varying snow showers and rain/snow mixes through Missouri and Kansas tomorrow. The good news is that at least the roads are mostly flat and mostly straight. The bad news is that the roads are mostly flat and mostly straight and I’d rather go through them at a reasonable clip than have to crawl through them because of the weather. Besides, the roads are hypnotizing enough through sheer blandness as it is; toss in snow wafting towards the windshield and you’ve got the recipe for alternative to taking a sleeping pill.

By the middle to end of the day the weather forecast will be more acurate for Thursday and Friday in Colorado and Utah, so I’m delaying final commitment to that route until then. At the moment they are saying clear skys, but you never know.

Before that can happen, I need to clock out. I went from around mid-western Pennsylvania to just shy of the Mississippi River and St. Louis Missouri in a day and I’m feeling every mile at the moment.


~ by ghendar on December 29, 2009.