Kansas Shrugged

When tremendous geological forces caused the great and mighty Rockies to jump up out of the landscape, other areas of the country such as western Kansas just sort of shrugged, but they got a boost up nonetheless.

As I drive west on I-70, I’m gaining another 100 feet in altitude every mile or three. Like most of Kansas the road undulates up and down, only now the downs are no longer equal to the ups.

Of course, even without an altimeter reading I would know that I’m climbing from the hole my gas tank started to develop and from the smell of diesel as rigs start chugging a little bit more.

[SIDE NOTE: After pondering it a bit, I’ve concluded that the extra burning diesel is what irratated my eyes and had them red on my way east. Seems almost obvious now.]

My modest goal for today was to get close to Colorado, but not too close that I’d have to spend the night at too high of an altitude. To that end I’m a days drive to the stop that I made in Green River Utah on my way out making it a pretty convenient target for tomorrow.

As an added bonus, I’m at a bit of a junction here which could allow me to jog south instead if there’s a change for the worse in the weather forcast when I check it again around dawn.

Speaking of which, dawn comes early…


~ by ghendar on December 30, 2009.