Blow, Hard

Driving through Missouri allowed me to once again experience the funky all-in-one hand washing stations that I mentioned previously on my first trip westward when I moved out to California.

The latest in odd lavatory machinery are the ultra blowers that I’ve been finding in Kansas. They come in two forms, but the principle is the same for each; blow the user’s hands dry almost instanly with maximum force. There is the traditional looking air dryer that has a single downward pointing nossle and the other type is this thing that you put both hands down into at the same time.

Also, both of them have a sensor that turns them on so the user doesn’t have to touch a button either. Which is great because the last thing you want to do after washing your hands is touch a bug communal button.

Before you think I’m being weird for noting it, there was a girl who came out to the parking lot who mentioned the second type to her boyfriend. I couldn’t hear what she said, but I know she was talking about it because she put her hands into a “begging-like” position and proceeded to lift them slowly up just as one would with the hand dryer. She was also grinning the whole time and then the guy went in to try his “hands” at it too.

What can I say, when in Kansas take solace in whatever amusement you can find.


~ by ghendar on December 31, 2009.