Close To Reno

I’m now close enough to Reno, NV that I could spit at it and probably hit one of the casinos there with a little help from a Kansas grade wind. It’s not like I’d need to be terribly accurate or anything; that town is chock full of them.

My final night on the road began with an absolutely awesome sunset and was punctuated by a still mostly full moon that lit up the landscape enough so I could still make out things far off just as it had two nights before in Kansas (I hit an ice fog last night so couldn’t see more than a truck length in front of me… hopefully I’ll get back to that later). There’s just something so serene about a snow covered mountain, crested in clouds and lit by a bright moon at night.

As to how the day went… I’m saving the details for a seperate post that I hope will do it justice, but suffice it to say it was truly incredible and I am so glad that I hit the Rockies head on and didn’t avoid them by skirting south into New Mexico. In fact, if I had the luxury, I’d turn around an do Nevada, Utah and Colorado again right now.

Now I just have to download my photographs off the camera to make some room for tomorrow when I’ll be going through Tahoe. I won’t feel too compelled to get side tracked there too much though because it’s in my wheelhouse, but I’ll probably need more than 50 shots which is roughly all I have left on that card. I can bang through 50 in no time because I often bracket and/or take multiple source images with the intention of doing a panorama.

I expect to be back with the Better 3/4ths before the sun sets tomorrow… followed immediately by a shower and a very long nap.

Once the driving is done, I’ve had a decent snooze and I have proper access to the Internet again, I’ll work at posting things to fill in the gaps from my mental notes and actual images. There’s a lot to cover so pardon me if my posts start to jump around a bit, but do stay tuned.


~ by ghendar on January 1, 2010.