Human Buglights

I snapped the following picture quickly as I was walking out the door of a gas station. A gas station!

I really wouldn’t be too shocked if someone told me people have these one armed bandits in their homes here in Nevada. They are just that pervasive here. And although I have yet to find one in the toilet stall, I’m sure they are working on that angle as well.

The iPhone did a terrible job picking up the blue neon color that is as thick as a fog in there. Also I’m not sure if it’s the overall blue glow or the flashing neon on the machines themselves in just about every other bright color of the visible spectrum that is supposed to pull people in. What I do know is that my immedite thought at seeing this was that it’s supposed to work on a similar principle to a buglight, only for humans. Except instead of getting zapped dead right there though, it’s your wallet that gets zapped and each succesive time it does, it virtually bleeds you dry until you’re broke, lying in a gutter and freeze to death.



~ by ghendar on January 2, 2010.