Preparing To Update My iPhone

Throughout the whole trip, my iPhone had been acting sluggish and often crashed on me.

I had held off on updating to the latest firmware because at the time, the choice was to update or to still be able to tether my laptop to it so I could have internet access on the road.

I’m not sure if the crashing had anything to do with it, but once I was on the road I could no longer tether it either even though it worked perfectly fine at home when I set it up originally. Google Latitude also had issues which forced me to fall back on to the original GPS tracking service that I had used last year.

So as it turns out, holding off on the update ended up being not just fruitless, but barren of leaves as well, especially since apps are now coming out that require the latest firmware in order to be installed even though 95% of them don’t even really need it as they claim.

So I’m backing it up now and will upgrade the firmware and re-jailbreak it either tonight or tomorrow.

My todo list is packed with little things like this. It’s amazing how much things pile up when you drop out of society for a few of weeks.


~ by ghendar on January 3, 2010.