Updated My iPhone Firmware

After suffering for the whole trip with my phone crashing on me every so often when I was trying to do stuff on it, I spent a good chunk of the day yesterday updating it to the latest firmware. In the process, I set it up as a new phone to clear out the cruft, because that may have part of the issue. One drawback to doing that is I have to spend the time re-entering my account info in every little app and import settings in some others. So far it’s been well worth it as the phone is much more stable now… finally!

Now I can get to editing a few photos from my trip for some belated posts.

Oh, and in case you hadn’t noticed, I offloaded a few more videos I took during my trip to UStream before I blasted the phone. But fair warning, if you watch the one of the Utah Salt Flats for a minute, you’ve pretty much seen the whole thing… I goes from flat to even flatter and that’s pretty much it for the entire recording except for when I drive by a microwave tower that they decorated as some funky cactus-like art installation for kicks.


~ by ghendar on January 5, 2010.