It’s been a long held view that mountains are a symbol of strength. However, before they became strong, mountains actually began as a weakness. In fact, mountains are a very majestic example of the beauty that can arise as a result of some inherent weakness and how such a flaw can be morphed into a model of strength if pushed hard enough.

Think about it, if mountains were always strong, there would be no mountains. When the plates collided, it was the weak part of the earth’s crust that crumpled and gave way to became mountains. Similarly, for volcanic mountains to form, the lava squeezes up through a flaw in the crust in order to reach the surface.

I passed by so many mountains on my trip it was amazing. To think that I only saw a tiny fraction of them in just the areas that I was in is almost mind boggling.

I really wish I could have given each one a few weeks to explore from different angles and in different light. Not to mention how different they would be in other seasons as well! But that’s a luxury that the financial Gods have not seen fit to afford me with yet and so I had to make a break for home as efficiently as I could.

Though they aren’t really so far away that I can’t venture out to visit them again at some point.


~ by ghendar on January 7, 2010.