Going Through Photos

I’m going through the photos that I took during this last road trip right now to see which are keepers and which ones really stand out in the crowd. And by crowd, I really do mean many. I have about 12 GB of RAW images to wade through… crazy.

I really need to reorganize my workflow. It’s not nearly as effiient as it used to be when I had everything nicely setup for all of the post editing work.

Speaking of which, I’m also really looking forward to stiching a few panoramas together that I had purposefully planned for. There were some amazingly beautiful scenes to behold and I even managed to get my lens pointed at many of them.

I’m not sure if I’ll get to posting any of them tonight because it’s going to take some time just to complete the first cull. But if I do, they probably won’t include any of the panoramas because they’ll take a bit more time and attention.

We’ll get there eventually though.


~ by ghendar on January 17, 2010.