Doing Some Programming

I’m starting to get back into the coding saddle. There are a couple of applications that I’d like to program so I’ve fired back up my IDE and have been hacking away at a few initial proof of concepts.

I’ve been meaning to get around to writing the supporting libraries/modules I’ll be using in them anyway.

Odd as it might seem, I like coding. It’s like solving a big puzzle and I love puzzles. Best of all, I don’t even have to leave the house while I’m working on them.

One of the programs won’t necessarily involve any direct monetization, although that could be an option. It could be pretty marketable; I’d just have to weigh that against the competive advantage it would give us by keeping it in house. What it will do though, is it will help us to improve our ability to provide support and add value to our services. At the same time, it will position us in front of our clients even better and that will naturally bring in more hours by making it even easier for them to both ask for and get our help.

The other one could also stand on its own, but it’s a bit more specialized and te effort to marke it probably would be worth the sales. So I might end up just using it to cut the overhead of our implementation time on a special service that we offer. With the time saved, we can offer the service for less, but with an even larger overall profit margin. Win-Win!

The great thing about the concept that I have for both of them is that they offer an opportunity for me to make money whether I sell them as a product or use them as a tool or both. The trick is in finding the time to write them.


~ by ghendar on February 11, 2010.