Google Apps Craze

I had a meeting yesterday with 5 different school districts in attendance. The topic of my presentation was Google Apps and all the yummy goodness that comes with it.

They are really desperate to escape the fiasco that the mail host migration at the beginning of the year has turned into.

The Rep from the county was kind enough to give me high praise and recommendation. The question is, will they be migrating to GA and if so, will they turn to me for help when they do? I certainly hope so.

I’ve even written a program (with easy to click buttons and everything) to convert a user list exported from the mail host they are on into Google’s bulk upload format. Eventually, I hope to extend it further with many other features, such as on the fly account and group provisioning, but that will largely depend on how much GA work gets sent my way.

In fact, if enough gets sent my way to warrant coding all of the features that I’ve already thought up for it, migrations would be fairly trivial to do. I could literally boil most of it down to point, click answer some questions and it’s done. Granted it wouldn’t do the DNS changes for the MX or A records or anything, but as far as setting up the user accounts and changing certain settings on them (e.g. pre-defined tags and filters) it would save hours of work.


~ by ghendar on February 23, 2010.