Facebook? I say Facerot!

When it comes to Facebook, first there’s all the Farmville’s and other spam game/applications that you have to wade knee deep through as if a Clydesdale came along and did his business on your wall. Which is one thing, but at least you can sort of block it out. But then there’s all these stupid chain postings that make people look retarded. Not necessarily for the content mind you (though sometimes), but for perpetuating the post and actively playing a role in spamming their family and friends with this crap.

Here’s the latest jewel I saw:

President Obama has proposed a 1.4% pay increase for active duty military in 2011. This is THE LOWEST SINCE 1973! Nice to know that during a time of rampant inflation, while war is fought in 2 theatres, our men and women in uniform get A LOWER PAY INCREASE THAN WELFARE RECIPIENTS!!! Please repost if you support our troops

OMG Not Welfare!!! Let’s ignore the fact that this is coming from a chain posting and not an actual news source so we can’t speak to the veracity of the claim or it’s numbers. What drives me nuts here though is that snide little last comment… “Please repost this if you support our troops” So I guess the implication here is that, by not reposting this because I don’t believe this pseduo-marketing spam is something I want to foist upon others, I’m somehow someone who doesn’t support our troops? Frak you!

Most of the time I ignore these junk posts, (Facebook’s only option for these things) but anyone who knows me, knows that I am less than appreciative when they send me chain emails and it doesn’t matter if I completely agree with them or find them infinitely funny. The point of the matter is that you sent me bulk crap and I’m not interested. I don’t have the time to be and the time that I do have, is time I’d rather spend on higher quality ways of communicating.

It’s rare that someone keeps me on their junk email list after I’ve strongly, but politely, warned them about my distaste for it and for those who simply can’t get it in their head I can always go with the nuclear option (See, I can mangle buzzwords too!) and filter their message to /dev/null pretty simply and that’s the end of that. However at least with the first step, they still get to send out their junk to the people who are more tolerant of receiving it if they are so inclined and they can still contact me directly if they want to have a real conversation.

The trouble with Facebook is that they aren’t including me, it’s actually the other way around. So the only option that I have to not get that stuff is the equivalent to the last resort heavy handed approach of filtering them to /dev/null by de-friending them. When it comes to family and friends, that can be a bit of a sensitive thing to do.

So right now, I’m weighing my options of how to deal with the pimple on the ass of the Internet… er.. I mean Facebook. I don’t like their policies. I don’t like a good chunk of the content I get, though it is useful for keeping in touch with the events and going-ons of extended family… hope the leg heals soon Aunt [REDACTED]! I also like the people well enough (hey, they’re family and friends after all). Unfortunately, I can feel my I.Q. drop a few points with each login and I fear if I don’t escape soon, the damage could become permanent.

Perhaps I’m just skewed towards expecting something a lot better from technology. Facebook, after all, is a dumbed down product meant to appeal to the everyman and grandma, and I’m not in that demographic.

Granted, it might seem preposterous to you to hear me poo-poo Facebook considering I have been using Twitter. However I will readily admit that that service is probably just as bad and has plenty of failings of it’s own. It’s saving grace though, is that I mainly use it as a way to feed snippets into this blog. It’s original purpose was to allow me to post quick updates that weren’t necessarily worthy of stopping to do a full blown blog post as I drove across the country. Which made it really great for filling the gaps between the longer posts that I’d make at night or at various points during the day when I had something more substantive to say.

Speaking of which, that’s one more thing I really don’t like about Facebook. At least Twitter has a hard 148 character limit as an excuse against there being substantiative conversations, but even without that limit, Facebook users still don’t so much communicate as much as they say “Yo, wassup!” and give each other a fist bump before going on with their day… or is it a terrorist handshake, I forget.


~ by ghendar on March 4, 2010.