Don’t Follow Your Dreams

Celebrities always give out the advice that you should “follow your dreams”. It’s well intentioned, but completely inaccurate and terrible advice. Deep down, I think they know it too.

Most* of the celebrities who shell out that mantra to people never actually followed their own dreams like they are advising. No, instead they actively pursued their dreams from the very start and they put in a lot of hard work in the process.

[*The exception being those few who just happened to become famous due to some event external to themselves and not borne of their own hard work.]


If these people wanted to be frank about the truth of their success and how to replicate it for yourself, they’d tell you to take life by the horns and to start playing a more active role towards making your own dreams happen rather than just suggesting that you should be passively following them.

After all, if you follow your dreams and you hit a dead end, the road just stops. If you’re lucky maybe there’s a long way around that you’ll stumble upon as you are once again making a dejected retreat. But oftentimes, you’ll find yourself in one of those “can’t get there from here” scenarios.

On the other hand, if you’re making your dreams happen and you hit a dead end, you pull out a bulldozer to connect yourself to the next street. That means you will get there more often and almost always much sooner.

Granted, sometimes you might flatten peoples’ houses in the process, but hey, that’s what they get for being in the way of you and your dreams.

Perhaps that is why the celebrities soften their message a little by giving you their half hearted advice by saying you should “follow” instead of “ATTACK!!!“. After all, that house in your path is just as likely to be theirs. Especially considering that in seeking their advice you are obviously trying to find out the secret to their particular success, making it just a little bit obvious that your dream is to be somewhere in their neighborhood.

So don’t follow your dreams, get off the couch and go make them happen.


~ by ghendar on March 11, 2010.