I just finished another item on my todo list… car registration. I was stretching it a bit with how long I waited, so it’s nice to be officially legal. Though technically, I could argue that I came out in January since I did drive from Boston to CA after the holiday in it 😉

California does things a little differently than I’m used to, but the general ideas are the same, insurance, inspection, registration. Of course they are just different enough to be a bit confusing.

For one, I had to actually have someone from the DMV verify my VIN. As if they can’t trust the Smog Check place to write it down right or the police to enforce violations.

Imagine all of the gas wasted by people waiting in line and all of extra time spent with this step. No wonder CA has budget woes with who knows how many inefficiencies like that going on.

Another thing that they do different is that they tie in the taxes with the registration, so instead of a flat $55 dollar fee for 2 years it ended up being $145 for 1 year. Holy crap!

Personally I think MA has the better system. It’s good to know up front how much your going to be paying for the registration fee and then have a little time to plan around paying the excise bill you get in the mail later. I wonder how many people had to come back later wasting more DMV personell time than is necessary.

Next up, finally moving my bank account to someplace with a local branch office. I’m getting tired of having Paypal be the sole way to shuffle money into my checking account.


~ by ghendar on March 31, 2010.