Summer Contrasts

At this same time last year, when the doors to the schools closed for the summer, everything just stopped. It almost seemed as if 5 minutes after the last bell rang that every campus became a ghost town in an instant.

This time around however it’s all go go go as I’ve stacked up a bunch of one off projects that have been keeping me busy and we even tossed a move to a new place in there too.

It’s looking like things on my calendar will continue to carry through July and perhaps even August when it will then be what is usually our busiest time as we get things in gear for the start of school.

I expect that next year things will be back to the norm and I’ll be hunting for work over the summer slump, but right now I can’t wait to close out my task list so I can go on a road trip or at least cruise around the area some before the rush is back on.

That’s not to say that being busy is bad, in fact, it’s fan-f@&%#-tastic, but I don’t want my camera to gather any more dust than it has lately and I’m itching to get out there.


~ by ghendar on June 22, 2010.