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[Here’s one of the drafts I mentioned that I found laying around, this one only needed minor dusting]

So I replaced the old Pentium 4 PC that I had been borrowing with a new, screaming, Intel I7 system… ok, maybe not screaming because I didn’t load it to the gills, and while it is I7 it’s low on the scale of Intel’s offerings, but it’s definately modern tech and at least somewhat future-proofed.

As usual, unless I wanted to build my own system from scratch, I had to pay the Microsoft Tax. Which means that it came with Windows 7.

Normally, being strong-armed into paying Microsoft for Windows by the OEM is something I’d be railing against, but this time around I actually wanted a copy because I have to support it anyway and am I’m not stupid enough to pay retail for it. So this time they’ll get a pass, but only just barely.

Initially, there was a bit of a delay in getting Linux loaded onto it because I decided that I’d dedicate a seperate drive to it and leave the one that came with it as secondary and something to dump local backups to. However, because of the limited configuration options when I bought it, the cost conscious option was to go to the store and pick one up.

So in the interim, I did my initial “untouched” clone. Which is something that I do with all my own systems; clone them before I’ve even booted to the disk. Then, once that was done I booted up and tried out Windows 7 and all I can say is I was shocked.

Win7 is a highly polished… wait for it… turd.

All it is is Microsoft Vista with a new taskbar and a few bugfixes. And even the task bar is a ripoff combination of what Apple and KDE have had for years. Sad. They might as well have called it Microsoft Vista SP3. If it weren’t for the fact that they are hoping everyone forgets that there ever was a Microsoft Vista, they probably would have too.

The window decorations are still highly inconsistent and even with the tricks they play to score better in the old style startup benchmark, such as purposely not fully loading everything until after you login, my Pentium 4 with 2GB RAM and a 75GB IDE (100 MB/sec max) system running Linux smoked it from power off to login screen by 20+ seconds. Yet with the Linux box, everything but the user apps were fully loaded by then. So much for the 8 thread, quad core i7 with 9GB RAM and a blistering 1TB SATA (3 GB/sec… or is it 6GB/sec… whatever, lets just say FAST)!

I mean seriously, could Microsoft #$@% it up any more badly?! If they weren’t in their monopoly position and getting all the strong-arm purchases that they do and were instead a new company starting out today, I seriously doubt they’d gain much traction in the market with what they offer and all the flaws that come with it.

Unfortunately with their monopoly, they have more power to brainwash people. I literally had a kid tell me last week that there are no more viruses. When I asked him why he was running a virus scanner then, he corrected himself and said the virus issue was moot now. Ah, youth… if only I could go back to that time when I wasn’t jaded by that little thing called experience.

I’m sure in a couple of years and he’ll have eventually figured out the truth for himself, but unfortunately by that time he’ll be more locked in to the choice that he never really made in the first place. The good news for him though, is there are better alternatives available now and many of them are completely free, so when he’s ready to actively decide for himself he will actually have options to look at. I still remember not having options.


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  1. from ted,have a good day ,liked what i read ,still need to get wireless up at home when i get there.

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