75 Degrees and Sunny

We had beautiful weather here yesterday and it looks like we are on tap for another one like it today.

I’d be lying if I said that I missed all of the bad weather back east, but in a way, I do miss the snow just a little bit. If we can truly say that we can feast our eyes on things, then I guess snow would be my comfort food.

Granted, I don’t miss it quite enough yet to venture out on a three-ish hour drive over to Lake Tahoe in order to see it; however coming from New England certainly makes it feel very odd to go through an entire winter without seeing so much as a flake and no freeze to really speak of.

At least it keeps the palm trees happy and several of our fruit trees are beginning to bud. And that means it won’t be long now until I’m walking through a snow of dogwood, cherry and apple blossoms. Which is especially fun due to the lack of bitter biting cold gusts to go along with it.


~ by ghendar on February 6, 2011.