Google Android Froyo

Now that Google has released their “Gingerbread” version of Android, Samsung and AT&T have finally gotten it together enough to allow me to finally update my phone to Froyo.

The Samsung Kies software is absolutely terrible, but sadly it’s the only way to update the phone. Unlike every other phone manufacturer and cell carrier combo out there who are doing over the air updates which is a capability that if built in, these people are in the dark ages.

After a huge struggle I finally got it to see my phone so I could do the update. But now I’m wrestling with the Better 3/4ths phone which is refusing to allow the install at all.

Perhaps the reason why they are making these things so small these days is because they want you to throw them across the room in frustration so you have to buy a new one.


~ by ghendar on February 27, 2011.