Domain Names

When you think you have a hot idea, one of the first things that you do in todays internet connected society is try to get a domain name for it. The keyword here being try.

Just about every possible reasonable combination of words that could apply to that great idea of yours is either in use, or more often than not, squatted on by some person or company who will sell it to you for anything from a few hundred bucks to millions.

Yeah, give me a second while I whip out my credit card… I have plenty of zeros left on it. Granted those zeros don’t actually have a number in front of them, but maybe the processor won’t notice that little detail.  :/

While I don’t have anything against people making a buck, the fact that this particular practice is allowed has turned the whole domain name registration process into one big, highly ridiculous, circus.

Not that the registrars themselves mind it… some of the less reputable ones even flirt with the rules a bit to even take part. But even the honest ones are happily making tons of money for themselves off this ecosystem. Sadly, without most of them on board for any potential solution, there’s no way the problem will every be fixed.


~ by ghendar on April 21, 2011.