Microsoft bought Skype

Well this will be interesting.

Microsoft says that they intend for Skype to continue supporting non-Microsoft platforms. But they don’t fully say which ones. Not to mention, there’s support and then there is crippled support.

Of course, support for Linux features has always been far behind. After all, the Linux Skype client is still labeled “Beta”!

Since the whole point of Skype is to allow people to connect and communicate, dropping any platform from their line-up would certainly go a long way towards doing Skype in. So unlike some of the people out there who are screaming “the Skype is falling!” I really wouldn’t be too concerned about that aspect.

What I would be concerned about, and I mean gravely concerned, are two things. First, do you really want Microsoft to have your information and have to pay them for the pleasure too. And secondly, how many security holes are they going to introduce in future versions of the software.
I mean, yeah, Microsoft is great at making things easy for the end user. However they also make it easy for naughty people with too much time on their hands to exploit.

I don’t know about you, but I like that there aren’t a bunch of Microsoft’s complimentary security holes on my Linux system. I really don’t plan on introducing any either.

Time to go searching for an alternative before the next Microsoft approved Skype update I guess.


~ by ghendar on May 10, 2011.

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