*Grumble* last.fm *Grumble*

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After a few extended periods where I wasn’t really listening to much music, I’m now coming up on 11,000 scrobbled plays on last.fm. That might sound like a lot, but I’m sure it’s a pittance compared to many other last.fm users out there.

Since I’m using last.fm service you can actually see what I’m listening to by looking at the “I’m listening to…” box to the right of this post. Neat right?

Sadly, back in February last.fm decided to monetize most of their mobile app line-up and on home entertainment devices by requiring a subscription in order to stream anything using it. This change has not been well received by the community and so far it looks like they aren’t interested in listening. Perhaps the fake dollar signs some pointy head threw in their eyes at the meeting where they decided to do this still has them blinded and they can’t read their own forums.

Anyway, while I don’t use the streaming feature of the app that much, it was always neat to be able to show it off to people who like that kind of thing. Especially since I think last.fm kicks Pandora’s arse.

I would’ve much rather that they just limit the number of hours people can stream without a subscription like Pandora did. But then I guess they wouldn’t be fully cashing in on all the people who are now rushing out and buying tablets.

Honestly, I think their service is great and I’d be more than happy to support them with a subscription, which is only $3/month (or $36/year for you math challenged people). Especially since that would open up some additional functionality in Amarok which has good last.fm integration and is the music player that I use on my Linux workstation.

The trouble is, one has to draw the line somewhere. If you add up all of the services that “only” want to ding you for <$10/month or that you can divide it to if it’s a yearly cost, you could probably make a couple of car payments with what you’d be spending.

Some time in the near future I’m going to sit down and list out all of these “wallet leaks”. Perhaps if I expunge a few from my life I’ll have the extra room for last.fm, but until then I’ll just use them as I always have; as a way to track what I’m playing so I can discover other stuff I’d like. That at least, is still free… for now.

~ by ghendar on May 29, 2011.