It’s Go Time!

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

Speaking of programming languages. Google has their hands in everything these days and did you know that includes having their very own programming language named “Go“…

What? Don’t complain, the other choice was “oogle” although I hear that they might still use that name for the Go debugger. Okay, that was a bad geek joke.

From what I gleaned when I looked at it some time ago, Go is a kind of cross between Python and C that compiles uber fast and has things like garbage collection and dynamic allocation built in. Also, Go is a complete rethink of how programming is done from the ground up.

Oh and did I mention that Ken Thompson is one of the people behind it… I knew that would get my fellow geeks attention!

They were filling in things at a pretty good clip the last time I checked in on the project and it looks like they have some videos from Google I/O 2011 that I’ll be checking out.


~ by ghendar on May 29, 2011.