Dear Steve: Google+ iPhone

Just a quick post to say that even though Google+ is new,  even in its current limited form I think it stomps all over Facebook.

The lack of Farmville and other spam apps like it is certainly a breath of fresh air. Being able to easily limit sharing things using Circles is simply awesome.

Short of a major screw up once they launch it officially, I’m more than ready to say goodbye to Facebook.

The only real concern I have is their insistence on having your Google Profile being completely public. I disagree with that idea and I don’t really think their position is very defensible, but at least they are being up front about it rather than playing the “let’s change things after the fact and try to hide what we are doing from people” approach that Facebook does.

So in the mean time, since only my name and gender are required, that’s all they are getting. If they start requiring other personal stuff that they intend on displaying publicly without allowing me to limit it, expect to see random junk like “First Man to walk on the Sun” to show up in my profile.


~ by ghendar on July 16, 2011.