I touched upon my use of the alias ghendar in an earlier post…. Suffice it to say, I like to maintain my personal privacy and with the Internet being ever more indexed and easily searched, I’d hate for some small personal rant of mine over Product A to keep me from getting Job B at some Future Point C. So I don’t use my name or link to anything that would allow a search engine’s index to draw a dotted line between me in the real IT world and this blog.

This blog was whipped together in a hurry as I ran out the door on a cross country move from Boston to Sonoma County, CA. The intent was to keep everyone up to date on my whereabouts and the going-ons of my trip. Since then, it’s morphed a bit into a not-so-daily daily blog of sorts with a mix of good and bad writing of eclectic topics.

At some point I might start a blog with a more subject oriented focus, more frequent posts and that actually takes advantage of the draft process better to cull out the crap. But until then, the stuff that does fall out of my head (crap or not) lands on this blog if it has any sticking power.


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